Cleaning in the winter can be more difficult not just because of the cold, but also due to the various adverse weather conditions that come with it. Canadian winters are particularly harsh, making a thorough cleaning even more important. If you live in the Okanagan you know how dirty things can get. People track mud, snow and salt into the office, you always have the heater going, and bacteria and viruses stick to gloves and can get transferred to surfaces without you realizing. Bringing in a professional cleaning service will make your office not only look and feel cleaner, it will help prevent damage to the floors, as well as the seasonal and pandemic related illness that can increase when the cold weather hits.

Mud and snow are a big part of winter. The dirt that sticks to the snow, as well as the salt or de-icer used on outside walkways, will get tracked indoors and can quickly cause damage to the floors. Proper cleaning of floors and surfaces can become more difficult, which is why hiring a professional with professional cleaning tools to clean your office space is so important. 

Heaters can get dusty and full of mold and debris over time. When you turn the heater on in the winter you’re blowing all the dust and grime from your heater into the air you breathe. Proper cleaning of air vents, and regularly changing your air filters are crucial to ensuring good air quality. A professional cleaning technician will be able to address these common problems immediately, so you know your air is clean to breathe!

People are more likely to think they are safe from bacteria and viruses when they wear gloves, but the opposite is true. Gloves can pick up bacteria and viruses the same as your hand does, so when you touch a surface that now will become contaminated as well. Properly cleaning surfaces with disinfectants so they are clean for those that use them is a critical part of fighting disease and ensuring your office building is safe for all those who work there. 

If your office space could use a professional janitorial team to make sure it’s looking its best this winter get in touch with us through our contact page. We are always happy to help and get the job done right.