It’s Time To Deep Clean Your Facility

 Getting in a deep clean before the cold months is a good habit to get into. People always refer to spring cleaning, but giving your office a good once over should not just be done once a year. Giving your workspace a thorough deep cleaning quarterly will help prevent nasty things from appearing in places you don’t want them. So take it from the experts, these are 5 easy to forget things you really need to have deep cleaned this fall. 

1. Change Those Air Filters
Air filters need changing regularly, but especially after a summer of running the air conditioner all day long. When air filters become dirty they get clogged which reduces it’s efficiency. If you have people with allergies working in your office, or work with pets you especially need to change these filters regularly. Ensure your janitorial company knows where the HVAC system is and provide them with the necessary tools to change the filters, or speak to the building manager to arrange this. 

2. Deep Clean Windows
Having clean and clear windows is always nice, and can make your building look more professional. While the inside sides may get cleaned regularly the outsides are what gets the dirtiest from dust and pollution.  Prepare you facility for the winter with a good deep clean of your window. Speak to your janitorial company about cleaning the outside of windows in your office building to ensure your company is always presenting its best. 

3. Fabric Surfaces
Dust can build up easily on fabric surfaces, without you becoming aware of how dirty they are. Couches, decorative pillows and rugs or carpets are just some of the fabric surfaces that can use a thorough cleaning. If you suspect these items haven’t been cleaned in a while speak to your janitorial company or the building manager to arrange a deeper cleaning of the fabric surfaces in your office. This will help keep allergens down and make the office feel and look better. 

4. Alarm Systems
You might not think of this as part of cleaning, but it’s a good habit to check alarms regularly. Speak to the building manager to find out what alarm systems you have in your office and how frequently these alarms are being tested. You should as a minimum have a Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm, but occasionally security alarms are part of a building as well. If you have concerns about the frequency of which these alarms are being tested don’t hesitate to speak to the building manager to raise your concerns. 

5. Deep Clean Those Appliances

Microwaves, dishwashers, and other appliances in the office can often get neglected. Remembering to give  the microwave a wipe if you make a mess is the first step in keeping your office space clean. For large appliances like dishwashers, fridges or industrial coffee machines, now’s a good time to make sure they’re getting cleaned out and sanitized properly.

We’re heading into the season where we’re going to start spending a lot of time inside. Making sure your office space is clean, free of allergens, and safe is important for our health. So make sure to get your office fall deep clean scheduled this year!

If you’re looking to make sure your office or warehouse space receives some care and attention, get in touch with the experts at Master Care. We care about your space and want to make sure it’s clean and safe for you and everyone who works there.