Back to school cleaning services is not the only thing that should be thought about upon return to school.  Everyone can play a part in making this post-pandemic return to school more successful and lest stressful.  It can be nerve-wracking to send your kids to school any normal year, and especially when there is a pandemic facing the world. Preparing your kids by informing them about the necessary precautions they need to take, and providing them with the tools they need to keep themselves safe will help not only them, but everyone they interact with, stay healthy this school year. Informing your kids of the importance of not touching their face and regularly washing their hands is extremely important, but you can also supply them with some fun new items they can use to fight the spread for the COVID-19 virus.


 Hand sanitizer is available everywhere these days, having a bottle and a back up in their backpack, lunch bag, or in their desk will remind them to sanitize their hands regularly, and even offer it to their friends. Hand sanitizer is not the same as hand washing, but for busy kids that are always touching things, it’s a quick way to keep their hands clean. It’s important to remind them that hand sanitizer is not a replacement for washing their hands but to be used when they aren’t able to wash their hands. 


 Find your child a mask (or a few) they love. Maybe they would like a cute one or a funny one, but letting them choose their own will make them more likely to wear it. Wearing a mask will help prevent airborne particles of the virus from infecting your child and others. Packing extra masks is a good idea so your child has a backup, or can give it to friends who don’t have their own. You can show your kids that it’s normal to wear a mask by setting an example. Wear your own mask when in public and encourage them to wear theirs so they get comfortable with it.


 Make sure to pack your kid’s homemade lunches and a fully stocked pencil kit. The less they need to touch that other people have handled, the safer everyone will be. By sending you kids to school with everything they need to get through the day, you’re helping to prevent the spread of disease. So let them buy some cute pens and a lunch bag, they’ll love their new supplies and be less inclined to share.


 Teachers will be stressed about going back to school this year as well. Finding creative solutions to implement safety measures is no easy task. If you’re able, giving a teacher a reusable mask, or a nice hand sanitizer would be a thoughtful gift to start the school year. Everyone is doing their best, and we need to support one another in our endeavor to stay safe this school year.

We understand that this is going to be a big change for students and parents alike, but with these tools, back to school cleaning and a positive attitude, you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Remember schools are taking precautions seriously, and you can help by taking them seriously as well. 

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