COVID-19 is a pandemic affecting everyone worldwide and many businesses are asking how to adjust their commercial cleaning during COVID-19. As the situation continues to change day by day, we at Master Care are working hard to keep our customers’ premises clean and disinfected to help keep your staff safe.

We at Master Care Janitorial we know the difficulties of adapting to the changes in commercial cleaning during COVID-19.  We are re-educating our staff regarding illness prevention measures and ensuring they have the right supplies, products and procedures to give our customers a clean and safe facility.

We want to have focal points on areas around your space that are most susceptible to germs, dirt and grime, while ensuring we are focusing on the best cleaning practices. We are cleaning surfaces using personal protective equipment including disposable gloves, eye protection and appropriate facemasks as they are strongly recommended while cleaning and disinfecting. 

W e have also added Electrostatic Spray Services to our variety of services for the 100% coverage, spray-and-go disinfecting of facilities of any size.

How We Clean

While cleaning, our staff has more than one colour of cloth for disinfecting chemicals to wipe all touchpoint surfaces such as countertops, desks, light switches, door handles, railing, etc. 

We have an outstanding disinfectant chemical along with multiple clean microfibre cloths to swap out throughout the cleaning process. We take extra precautions to ensure everything is wiped properly and thoroughly to kill any lingering germs and bacteria. 

Tips For our Customers

Hand washing plays a vital role in keeping germs at bay, so we also recommend you wash your hands often and effectively. Using soap and hot water for no less than 30 seconds will help kill any germs on your hands. If you have no access to a sink, water-based hand sanitizer, 7T (Alcohol-based) and Sanimor (non-Alcohol based) hand sanitizers are the safest, and most effective. 

If you have staff coming to the office, increase the availability of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers. We recommend keeping both items near all door handles and in the kitchen to allow easy access if and when needed. 

If possible, encourage flexible seating to ensure there is social distancing. Rearrange the office if needed. We also encourage you to keep disinfectant wipes near everyone’s desk to allow them to clean their work stations throughout the day. 

We are here for you

Are you wondering why we are still cleaning during a pandemic? At Master Care, we are taking multiple steps to safeguard our people and maintain our cleaning services and business operations as we intend to see you through to the end of this Covid-19 Pandemic. We want to help assist you to ensure you feel safe in your workspace. 

COVID-19 is easily spreadable and is affecting people all over the world. With masks, cleaning skills, social distancing, and our help, we can flatten the curve. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us. You can also check out our website for additional information on disinfection services.