Here at Master Care we pride ourselves on the fact that we not only have the skills to clean your office building or commercial space, but we also have a focus on specialty services that are all unique and require their own approach. If you’ve considered bringing on a cleaning service, but want to ensure the service fits your specific needs, we have you covered. Our cleaning services are diverse and abundant! 

Post-Construction Cleaning

If you work for a construction company, or have just recently renovated your office space, we know the clean up can often be more overwhelming than you originally thought. If you’re ready to open for business and show off your newly constructed facility, let our post construction cleaning crews know how we can make your cleanup a breeze! They know the safety aspects of working within a construction site, and are qualified to ensure the clean up is complete in a timely and professional manner. Whether it be for removal of construction debris, floor cleaning, waxing and buffing, or just a quick floor polish, we leave your site spotless and ready for business in no time! 

Green Cleaning

We are one of the first commercial green cleaning companies in Metro Vancouver. This type of cleaning requires a specific tactic which includes eco-friendly cleaning products and sustainable cleaning practices to help create a clean and healthy environment for your office, building or commercial space. We want to ensure that our cleaning practices are safe for both the environment and your employees. 

Health Care Facilities

Care Homes 

We recognize the challenges and requirements of cleaning for long-term care homes and assisted living facilities. We are committed to delivering cleaning services that are cost-efficient while maintaining the quality of life that all residents deserve! Our experienced commercial cleaning teams will work with you and your staff to design a quality assurance program that is tailored towards the specific goals you have for your facility. Whether that be a specific area of cleaning, housekeeping, laundry needs or anything in between. Our cleaners are geared towards a high standard of cleaning. 

Medical Office Cleaning

This service area has specific cleaning requirements. Master Care staff have 37 years of experience cleaning doctor offices, dentist offices and medical laboratory areas. We have mastered these requirements and use our green cleaning techniques to avoid cross-contamination to ensure staff and patients benefit from a clean and healthy medical office! 

School Cleaning

When hiring us to clean your school, you can have peace of mind that an experienced professional is ensuring optimal cleanliness and safety for your building, staff and students. We don’t just focus on the obvious, we clean every area of the school from the desks in the classroom, to the ceilings in the hallways. You can read testimonials all about the work we do to ensure we help reduce absenteeism due to cold and flu in your school facility. 

Strata Maintenance 

If you are in a strata that is in need of some reliable assistance we have you covered. We will work hand in hand with the strata managers to provide solutions. We make it OUR business to make YOUR business look professional. In addition, we can handle any extra cleaning and maintenance duties that may be required by the property manager or strata council. We are on-call 24 hours a day for emergencies to help with cleaning and facility maintenance, property maintenance and building repairs. We are certain we will become your strata manager’s best friend.

Our team has years of experience and is fully prepared to assist you with any specialty cleaning, no matter the job. Our 37 years of experience in commercial cleaning will help you maintain a clean environment for all your employees, students, patients and clients. No matter the location. Contact Us to request a quote today!