Cleaning your floor in the winter can quickly turn into a tedious chore. The winter months bring dirt and grime into the workspace. With temperatures changing and weather taking a turn, it’s best to keep your floors spick and span. There are quite a few factors that will try to mess up your floor this winter, but don’t fret because here we have identified a few of the best practices for cleaning up after these unavoidable messes. 

Blowing in the wind, and into your door:

Leaves are scattered upon the ground after the windy fall season. Depending on the weather they are either soggy and wet, or dry and coming into your space, uninvited. Either way, they are tracked into your office foyer, only to leave a mess. Ensure your entry way stays spick and span with a little extra love and care throughout the colder months. We recommend creating a vacuuming/mopping schedule to ensure you stay on top of the mess, before it gets worse! Yes, more time and effort will have to be put into cleaning during the winter season, but the diligence is well worth it.

Good as new:

Wet, silty, muddy shoes often deteriorate carpets during the winter season. It’s hard to avoid coming inside without wet feet during this time of year. Work boots from being outside all day, wet heels in the office space, a quick coffee run at lunch will all result in  soggy feet… The situations are endless! Over time you will slowly start to notice footprints embedding themselves into the carpet. Investing in carpet cleaning this season will be very beneficial for you. Doing so will help get rid of not only those pesky prints, but the unwanted odors that come accompany all the dirt and mud. This is a budget friendly option that will keep your carpets looking as good as new. 

Don’t get Salty:

The salt that keeps us safe from the ice outside can be dangerous when tracked in and spread upon your floor. Up to 80% of dirt is tracked in on the soles of shoes the second people walk through the front door. This will quickly take a huge toll on every type of flooring, and can even be a safety issue for your customers. To stop salt and grime from deteriorating your flooring this winter, we suggest purchasing floor mats for your foyer. They are an easy investment to help you resolve this issue. You may even want to consider adding more mats to your repertoire for those extra wet days. Doing so will help soak up the slush and dirt before it has the chance to take over your space. At Master Care, we are here to make your life easier. If you want to kick it up a notch, we would be more than happy to help you with your commercial floor cleaning needs. We’ve got your back this winter to help keep the salt off your floors all while keeping your customer’s safety in mind! Now that’s a win, win.

All of the points we touched on tend to do a number on your flooring, which can be a huge added stresser for business owners. This is not something you should have to worry about! Master Care’s tips and tricks for your floor will help you avoid the rash winter we have ahead of us. Just be sure to stick to your routine, or let Mastercare help you out! 

At Master Care, we have had the privilege to serve a variety of businesses for over 30 years. Our team of cleaning experts are constantly undergoing classroom and on-the-job training, to ensure your highest standards are always surpassed, no matter the season! If you’re interested in speaking to someone about our cleaning services, visit our website… We’d love to hear from you: