September is here, which means it’s back to school for all students! While this time of the year can be exciting for some, it’s equally nerve racking and stressful for others. As parents, you want to see your child happy and healthy during the school year. To support you with that goal, we have put together a list of 4 easy tips that will help them stay healthy throughout the school year!

  1. Wash Your Hands
    It goes without saying that this is by far the most important rule you can teach your children. It’s very important that they wash their hands before eating, after playing, after touching several objects, and yes – after using the bathroom. Washing your hands with soap and warm water will kill any germs and bacteria that are lingering, decreasing their chances of getting sick.

  2. Use Hand Sanitizer
    Washing your hands is by far the most effective way to reduce bacteria and germs. Another option is hand sanitizer! Purchase a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and have your children keep it in their bag or at their desk. This will give them easy accessibility to use it throughout the day, or when needed.

  3. Pack Nutritious Snacks & Lunches
    Eating right is very important, especially as a child! Ensure you are packing nutritious snacks and lunches for them. Not only will this give them the energy they need for the day, but also provide them with the nutrition they need to grow. Does your child have favourite fruits and veggies? Pack them! Another great way to encourage your child to eat their snacks & lunches is to include them in the making and packing process.

  4. Get Enough Sleep
    As a growing child, it’s very important to get 8 hours of sleep each and every night. To help your child get into this habit, create a nighttime routine with them. It could be as easy as taking an evening bath and going to sleep, or taking a bath, picking out clothes for the next day, sharing a story, then heading to bed. Find a routine that works for both of you, and ensure you do it every night. 

Going back to school comes with its challenges, along with excitement. We understand the importance of keeping your children healthy, which is why we work with local schools and provide them with our janitorial services. From deep cleaning the entire building to focusing on each individual classroom, we clean it all. To learn more about our school cleaning services visit our website,