Air vents can be the #1 cause of air pollution in your office environment. Many of your employees may also have allergies which could be triggered by built up air pollution from air vents. Here are our top 3 reasons you should get your air vents cleaned by the professionals.


Clean Air Vents Helps Allergies

 Spring usually brings allergies with it. Although allergies are usually triggered outdoors, there is 1 big indoor factor that can set off your allergies. Dust! Dust is a big allergy concern for a lot of people. Cleaning your air vents can help take away dust which will help reduce dust allergies. If your employees have no irritation inside the office, they will be more productive and get more done. 

Helps everyone breathe easier

 Cleaning air vents at work can help everyone breathe better. Air vents will usually have built up dust, bacteria which can trigger sneezing, coughing, and sinus congestion. Cleaning air vents allows everyone to breathe clean air and not dusty air.

Clean Air Vents Improves air flow

 Heavy build up of dust, grime and other debris can restrict the flow of air. This could result in your air system having to work harder to heat or cool your environment. Cleaning your air vents regularly will ensure they are cooling and heating efficiently.

 If your air vents have not been cleaned, contact Master Care.  We have the experience and equipment to clean your air vents, and help your office environment become a better place for everyone.