At first glance, paying professionals to clean your carpets might seem like a luxury rather than a
necessity. But if you look a little closer, you will uncover the real dirt lying just below the surface.
Here are our top 4 reasons why you should get your carpets cleaned by the professionals. 

It’s Budget Friendly


First and foremost, having your carpets professionally cleaned will save you money – especially
in the long haul. Over time, your carpets will experience wear and tear, and, although not wholly
avoidable, it can be significantly reduced. The more a carpeted is used, the faster it will get dirty
or damaged and the quicker it will degrade. High traffic areas such as hallways are more
susceptible to this degradation than less frequently visited areas. Having your carpets
professionally cleaned can reduce the speed at which it deteriorates and can prolong the
lifespan of your carpet, effectively saving you the cost of having to replace it. When you factor in
the price of having to completely replace your carpets, paying to have them cleaned doesn’t
seem so bad.

Keeps Your Space Looking Good As New


If you want your office to look clean and professional, you’re going to need to have clean
carpets. Nothing is more noticeable than a dirty or stained carpet because, unlike laminate or
hardwood flooring, carpets are easy to stain and tricky to maintain. You might think that a
vacuum is all it takes to clean a carpet – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While regular
vacuuming is an excellent method for keeping dirt and dust out of your carpets, this won’t get to
the root of the problem. You will want to have your carpets deep cleaned and shampooed to
remove any problematic stains and restore the fibres, leaving your carpets looking and feeling
like new again

It’s Good for Your Health

 What you might not know is that the cleanliness of your carpets can have a direct effect on your
health. When a carpet goes extended periods of time without being properly cleaned, bacteria
and allergens can accumulate and settle in the fibres, triggering allergies and spreading bacteria
around the office. To avoid the spreading of these health triggering culprits, we suggest
vacuuming between 1-3 times a week and having your carpets professionally shampooed 2-3
times a year. This will not only keep your carpets healthy but the rest of your office staff as well!


It Reduces Unwanted Odors and Pests


Carpets are known to trap in dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria which, unfortunately, creates an
environment that is very appealing for insects. The woven fibres of a carpet can often be an
appealing habitat for insects, especially when there is a food source such as dirt dust. These
insects will burrow themselves deep inside, making themselves at home. If these critters are left
unchecked for too long, they will start to eat away at the fibres of the carpet, damaging it in the
process. Not only will you have a bug infested carpet, but a damaged one to boot. When it
comes to odours, carpets act like a sponge, soaking and storing any smell – good or bad.
Lingering carpet odour is another issue that a good vacuuming can’t and won’t solve. Beyond
plugging your nose every day, the only solution to this problem is to have professionals come in
and perform a deep clean.


If your carpets have seen better days or if you’d like to maintain their pristine condition, then it
may be time to contact the professionals. Master Care has the experience and the equipment to
not only clean your carpets but to leave them looking and smelling like new again.