Winter Is Here – Start the Winter Cleaning!

With temperatures plummeting and weather getting more severe by the day, we know that
winter is just around the corner. Despite the fun events and activities that happen during the
season, like holiday parties and tobogganing, there’s a myriad of winter byproducts that can
make your home or office space more grimy than usual. As a result, winter warrants a new
cleaning routine to keep your space spick and span.

Winter Cleaning – Keeping Winter Weather Outside

Snow, ice, sleet, rain and mud: winter weather packs a punch. Building a snowman or skating
on a frozen pond are great outdoor activities. The trouble is that that winter weather tracks all
the way indoors. Snow-covered boots are left at front entries, while jackets, toques, scarves and
mittens are left in other various locations. As the snow and ice melt, these areas get wet and
mucky. Extra diligence is required to keep foyers and surfaces like railings, couches, chairs —
and anywhere else where winter gear is left — clean. Floors will require more frequent washing
as opposed to other seasons as well. In commercial spaces, where shoes and boots are left on
all day, this rings even truer.

Cold Weather Needs Different Winter Cleaning

But winter isn’t just messy, it’s cold too. To combat the chill, we typically turn up the heat. No
matter your heat source, your cleaning routine is impacted. If you have central air, there’s going
to be an influx of dust blowing out of heat registers that haven’t been used in months; matters
will be made worse if your ducts haven’t been cleaned in a while. If you use baseboard heaters,
you’ll have a similar issue with dust, and, if you use a wood-burning fireplace, there’s likely to be
soot and debris. Dusting more often and wiping down surfaces like coffee tables, side tables,
lamp shades, toilet seats and countertops is essential.

winter cleaning more dust

Cold and Flu Cleaning During Winter Months

Winter is cold and flu season and germs are circulating like no other time of the year. With doors
and windows firmly secured shut and everyone confined to the indoors, it’s no wonder why
people get sick so frequently during winter. If you can be proactive about cold germs rather than
reactive, it will help cut down on the amount of coughs and runny noses. Introduce disinfectants
and germ-killing products into your winter cleaning routine and use them more regularly.
Address objects and surfaces that are often touched like door knobs, cupboards, faucets,
refrigerator handles and remote controls.

Dust Off The Winter Decorations

Your home or office may appear clean on the surface, but the cold light of day can reveal that a
much deeper clean is necessary. The winter brings the Holidays, and with that Christmas
decorations that have sat and collected dust for the better part of a year. Once displayed, every
gust of wind or passerby sends dust into the air, making for an unhealthy environment. In this
case, weekly cleanings are important. If you opt for a live tree, needles and dirt have a way of
getting everywhere. Likewise, dogs and cats tend to shed their summer coats to grow a thicker,
warmer coat in winter. A persistent vacuuming schedule is the only way to fight the filth.

holiday dust winter cleaning

Winter can be one of the greatest times of the year, bringing hope and joy like no other season.
However, it brings its fair share of messy weather, cold temperatures and germs. If you want to
stay on top of things, you’ll want to adopt a new winter specific cleaning routine or modify an
existing one. The theme here is frequency; if you’re diligent enough, you can keep your space
clean right through the season, but unfortunately, the Holidays are a busy time as well. Time is
scarce and thorough cleanings can get put on the backburner. Luckily, Master Care has a team
of experienced professionals who not only have the time, but can adjust their processes to
match every season. Contact them today and keep the outdoors out this winter.