Infection Control Awareness

The week of October 15-20th is used to highlight infection control efforts in Canadian hospitals, long-term care facilities and in the community.  This week is an opportunity for education of staff and the community about  infection prevention and to promote what is currently being done by infection control professionals. The Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC) website has many resources, articles and tips on how to promote infection control awareness in your facility for this week, and always. Take this opportunity to download these resources to distribute among your facility staff, add to your weekly or monthly newsletter, or just leave in the staff room for staff to educate themselves. infection control test   Above is a test to see if your staff are up to date on their knowledge of infections and infection prevention. Below is a word search to leave in the staff room – a fun way to bring attention to this important week of awareness. infection control week word searc   It’s a week to do something, do anything to bring awareness to Infection prevention and infection control.  We will all benefit from increased awareness and education on how to keep ourselves and the people surrounding us healthy. Looking for other resources to promote this important week? Click here for many promotional tools, games and social media graphics. The Provincial Infection Control of British Columbia (PICNet) is an important network dedicated to reducing by improving infection prevention control practices. Do your part in preventing the spread of infections.  Hire a reputable janitorial company to keep your facility clean and your patrons healthy!