What should you expect when you hire professional office cleaning? That is a fair question as you are paying a professional cleaner and they should know what they are doing and do it well.  Here are 5 advantages for hiring professional office cleaning.

1. Proper Staff and Supervision

– Professional office cleaning staff should be uniformed, bonded and insured. These are important to ensure the safety of your premises and their contents.  The cleaning associates Master Care sends in to do your office cleaning also have identification cards, regular supervision and surprise inspections.  This is a sign that they are committed to their customers satisfaction.

2. Proper Tools and Products

– They use proper, professional working vacuums, carpet cleaners and buffers with no frayed cords which can be a potential fire hazard. They use color coded cleaning cloths to reduce the chance of cross contamination. Also, ensure they are using environmentally friendly cleaning products to protect not only the environment but the health and safety of the employees within the office.

3. Proper Cleaning Habits

– Professional cleaner use a “top down” cleaning method as it is the most efficient and effective form of cleaning. All dirt and dust will fall to the floor, so the floor will be the last place cleaned.  Also ensure that they are cleaning door nobs, light switches and banisters as these are areas that are touched regularly. Dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, wiping countertops, desks, door jams and ledges are all expected to be clean when you walk in after the cleaners have been there.

4. Proper Green Cleaning Procedures

– Professional cleaning companies encourage the use of no-touch soap and paper dispensers as this regulates products usage, reducing waste and saving you money.  Turning off lights and use of microfiber cloths are also important as this reduces energy and waste as well.

5. Customer Service

– Do you  have  access to your office cleaning company day and night?  As the customer, you need to feel that you are in good hand and are being heard.  A professional company will give you contact information so they will be there to assist in any requests, revisions or complaints. If there is room for improvement, your company should find a way to do so!  Master Care is available for their customers 24/7! 

Remember, cleaning is an investment, a necessity for the safety and health of your customers and staff.  Hire the professionals.  It will be worth it!  Visit https://www.mastercare.com/cleaning-as-an-investment/ to help you see why you should invest in professional office cleaning.

Cleaning Investment Video – http://www.issa.com/?m=video&id=358#videoid=358