Avoid Common Cleaning Mistakes

Our job here at Master Care is to help you keep your facility clean.  We can do this by giving you some helpful tips.  Not only should you know what to clean and how to clean it, but you should also be aware of possible mistakes you may be making on your quest for cleanliness.

  1. Scrubbing spills out of the carpet.

When that juice or wine spills on the carpet, don’t immediately run for a cloth and start scrubbing. You are actually damaging the carpet fibers and pushing the stain in even further into the fibers, causing permanent damage.
Simply remove any surface liquid with a spoon, blot the area dry with some white paper towel or a white cloth (so as not to bleed its color and make the problem worse) and once dry, apply a stain remover to the area if necessary.

  1. Using lemon juice and vinegar for everything.

Lemon juice and vinegar are both acids and are quite capable of damaging natural surfaces. Be careful with surfaces like onyx, marble, limestone and travertine.  If you to like to use these products for cleaning, don’t use too liberally.  Make sure you wipe it down thoroughly after using these acids to reduce damage to natural stone.  For some more tips on cleaning quartz and granite countertops visit: https://www.tipsbulletin.com/how-to-clean-and-seal-countertops-granite-quartz-and-more/

  1. Cleaning windows while the sun’s out.

On a nice sunny day is when we notice how dirty our windows.  We tend to get motivated to start to clean them. When that sudden sunshine and window cleaning inspiration hits, resit the urge! Wait until later in the day, or even till the next cloudy day to do it.  Window cleaning solutions can dry too rapidly with the sun beating down on it and can leave streaks on the glass.

  1. Deodorizing the garbage disposal with coffee grounds.

Garbage disposals are rarely thought about until they start to back up or smell.  They need to be cleaned and deodorized regularly as food can become trapped and bacteria can grow.  Many garbage disposal manufacturers say it’s fine to put coffee grounds into the grinder it is important to take care with this method. Not giving the grinding mechanism a thorough rinsing afterwards can lead to the ground actually clogging the machinery.  You may want to follow some other simple tips such as using rock salt, ice and lemon peels.

  1. The wrong tools and products and techniques for the job.

One of the biggest problems in cleaning is using the wrong tools, products and techniques for the job.  Not all cleaning cloths, sponges and cleaning products are to be used for all cleaning tasks.  Disinfecting products are not the same as cleaning products and you must clean first before disinfecting.  It is actually a two step process and you must clean the dirt and debris first before using disinfectant solutions.  Dwell Time (the time it takes for a cleaning solution to penetrate dirt and kill bacteria) is often overlooked.  Let the solution do it’s job and your cleaning will be more effective.
Most people don’t enjoy cleaning but if you make these cleaning mistakes, you can just be creating more work for yourself and damaging thing around your house in the process.  Avoid these mistakes and you are well underway to become a more efficient cleaning professional.