You know it’s important for your business to “go green” and be environmentally friendly.  Did you know that going green can actually save your business money?  Saving money comes with a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable environment such as good indoor air quality and less garbage and waste.
It is not a big step to go green, you simply have to make the commitment.  Take some “baby steps” toward becoming an environmentally smarter—and more efficient—company.  You can get as green as you want, without increasing your expenditure.   In fact, most of these steps are cost neutral.


Step 1: Use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and paper products.

This costs you nothing over current supplies.  Master Care Janitorial associates can help you decide which steps are the most beneficial for your business.

Step 2: Use electronic or no- touch hand soap and towel dispensers in your bathroom.

Not only do electronic dispensers regulate product usage and reduce waste, they also help prevent cross contamination, keeping your staff and customers healthier.  If you purchase supplies from Master Care associates, you can sometimes get these dispensers at no cost, depending on our purchase agreements with our suppliers.

Step 3:  Implement a microfiber cleaning program.

This could include microfiber cleaning cloths, towels and flat mops.  Microfiber cleans more effectively, doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as older cotton rags and eliminates the need to clean with paper towels.

Step 4:  Use a  green cleaning company with the same green commitment.

Master Care Janitorial associates have completed the Canadian Green Sustainability Program and are committed in helping create healthier, sustainable work environments.  We were chosen to clean one of the first LEED Gold Certified building in Metro Vancouver… and we are still cleaning it today!

Step 5: Add remaining equipment that is environmentally preferable.

These items include anything from recycling boxes to environmentally safe buffers, carpet extractors and vacuums.  The cost of equipment varies by building, which makes the cost impact a variable one as well.
As you can see, going green is easier and less expensive than you think.  Just think of all the valuable benefits that can be realized from a few small, almost unnoticeable changes.
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