Cleanliness in Japan

Cleanliness is so important to the Japanese. When looking at the way they keep their surroundings clean, why can’t cleanliness be more important to the rest of the world? The World Cup 2018 cleanup of the locker room showed their respect for their surroundings and the belief that everybody should clean up after themselves.  Why is this not happening all over the world?  Here are a few examples of how the Japanese got it right as well as some other interesting toilet technology they are using to reduce the need and the cost of commercial cleaning.

Japanese schools don’t use Janitors

Did you know that the children in Japan are responsible for the cleanliness of their school. This seems to be unheard of in our Western culture. Cleaning the classroom and school environment, including the toilets, is actually part of Japanese school education system. Unfortunately, having children doing the cleaning in a school in Western cultures might be viewed as a form of child abuse!  Why isn’t the teaching and the practicing of cleaning up part of the educational curriculum? Isn’t it a life skill and part of your social responsibility?  Granted, commercial cleaning companies and school cleaning companies like Master Care would be out of a job, but the education system can save a lot of tax payers dollars by having more cleaning done by students not as punishment. but as part of the normal, everyday part of life.  It works for the kids in Japan!

japan school cleaning cleanliness culture

Welcome to Japan’s Toilets

Visiting the restrooms in Narita’s International Airport last year,  visitors were treated to a little surprise. There was actual toilet paper for smartphones! That wonderful Japanese culture of cleanliness was reminding  international visitors  to keep their smartphones clean.  This flush-able cleaning paper would be handy to have all over the world! It reminds us that it is necessary to clean our smartphones regularly to prevent the transfer of germs.

cell phone wipes cleanliness in japan

Speaking of restrooms… A brilliant system was put in to place in a public restroom  to assist those looking for a vacant restroom stall.  Interactive, automatic screens let you know which stalls were occupies and which were available.  This system can be very valuable to many large public restrooms all over the world.

Toilet Vacancy Occupied Japan

Toilet technology is being used in Japan, not just for the fun of it, but to keep restrooms clean.  By giving men at the urinal something to aim at – they are reducing the contamination of urine on the floors and wall of restrooms.  A study done in the early 1990’s found that restrooms remained cleaner and cleaning costs were reduced, simply by giving men something to aim at!

cleanliness aim to play urinal games

These photos of the culture of cleanliness found in Japan should give us some food for thought.  What are the Western Cultures doing to improve our social responsibility to keeping our Country clean?  Again, if we all do our part – won’t the world as a whole be a better, cleaner, more sustainable place?  Maybe we should all take the hint!