Commercial Cleaning – Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools

So you use that mop religiously twice a week. That sponge every day to clean your dishes.  That cloth to clean your counter top and sink.  When was the last time you cleaned your cleaning tools?
Here are some upkeep tips for those cleaning tools you use to keep your kitchen and bathroom looking good!

– Cleaning Mops –

Remove any debris or trapped dirt.   Most of the mop heads used today can just be detached and throw it in the washing machine.  Use the hottest setting and let it hang to dry.  Use plain detergent and hot water.  Add a cup of baking soda if you wish for a wash boost.  Flat

– Cleaning Cloths –

Regular cloths, rags, old teeshirts and towels, cotton cleaning cloths etc. can all be thrown in the laundry and washed on the hottest cycle.  Microfiber cloths are pretty unique and should therefore never be washed with a fabric softener.  This will diminish the effectiveness of the electrostatic properties of this cloth.

– Cleaning the Sponge –

Microwave a wet sponge for a minute or two to kill bacteria.
Please note, it will be very hot when you take it out and if it has any metal bits in it, you can cause a fire!

– Cleaning the Vacuum Cleaner –

Check your user guide to ensure you are maintaining your vacuum cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer.  You should be regularly changing the bag or emptying the canister at the very least.  Cleaning the tools and attachments are fairly simple, wash with soapy water, rinse well and let dry for at least 24 hours before using (they have to be fully dry).  You can do this twice a year.  Don’t forget to check the filter as well to ensure it is not clogged.

– Cleaning the Dishwasher –

Let it air dry once and a while by leaving it open.  Clean out the food trap weekly and give the base a wipe down with a vinegar and water mixture.  There usually is an option to run the machine cleaning cycle, so do that if you haven’t done it in a while.

– Cleaning the Toilet Bowl Brush –

Here is your choice – clean it or just get a new one!  I usually opt for just replacing them but for a quick and easy clean, place some bleach in the toilet bowl and let the brush sit in it for an hour.  Quick, easy and painless.

Remember, if you don’t clean your cleaning tools, how much cleaning are you really getting done? Call in the professionals for a cleaning like no other!  Contact Master Care Janitorial today for a free cleaning quote.
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