Think of how many public surfaces we touch in a day. Now think about how many times you wash your hands in a day. Pretty drastic difference in the count right? I am by no means a germaphobe, but I do carry that mini hand sanitizer in my purse these days. The statistics and facts on the amount of germs on public surfaces are enough to make me want to never leave my house. Men’s Health have a great graphic I am using that depict the surfaces that are dirty enough to transmit illness

public surfaces public germs

Cleaning Strata Building Public Surfaces

As a janitorial company, we are very aware of the “high touch points” in a building and we are great at keeping your stata building or condo common area clean.  Our quality cleaners clean your:

1. Elevator button
2. Light switches,
3. Door handles
4. Hand railings
5. Faucets

Kimberly Clark did a great study regarding where you will find the most germs in your office building.

On your daily outings, how many times we do we touch these things that hundreds,  even thousands of people have touched, and yet we don’t even think about picking up that apple out of our lunch and eating it without washing our hands more.  I personally must have built up a good tolerance for germs, because I know for a fact that I don’t wash my hands nearly enough for the amount of things I touch. Here are some of the germiest things we can touch on a regular basis.

1. Gas Pump
2. Mailbox Handle
3. Escalator Hand Rail
4. ATM buttons
5. Credit Cards and Cash
6. Parking Meter Buttons

A study by and the University of Texas at Austin has found that some of the nastiest bugs found on the surfaces of credit cards, payment tablets and ATM included Staphylococcus aureus (staph infections) and Salmonella enterica, (a common source of food poisoning).    Is there someone cleaning these things…ever? I doubt it! Get in the habit of when you come in from your daily commute, give your hands a proper hand washing. You will do your home and your family a lot of good.

Are you worried about how often your strata building public surfaces are cleaned?  Call Master Care Janitorial and Facility Services for all your strata common area cleaning.  Cleaning up Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Fraser Valley and now Kelowna and Kamloops and Kitchener Ontario too.  At your service since 1981.