5 Money Saving Tips on Janitorial Supplies

save money on janitorial supplies One of the necessary evils of running a large business with many employees and customers is purchasing all of the janitorial supplies. Toilet paper, hand soap, hand towels, cleaning solutions and garbage bags.  These consumable products can eat away at your janitorial budget if you do not take the time to control it.  Here are some money saving tips for keeping your consumables in order.

1. Inventory Checks

Monitor your janitorial supplies inventory regularly to avoid making last minute purchases. When supplies are selected quickly and/or rush deliveries are necessary, there are invariably added costs associated with these actions.

2. Avoid Convenience

Though ready to use products off the shelf are convenient and easy to use, they are also expensive when compared to traditional concentrated cleaning solutions that must be diluted.  By using the concentrated version, you control the amount of water you add to your product – thus making the cleaning solution go further than the ready to use products.

3. Specialty = Expensive

Purchasing products specialty formulated for a particular surface will cost you money you don’t need to spend. It is much more cost effective to use products that clean multiple surfaces.

4. Cleaning Methods and Tools

Using proper cleaning techniques will actually allow for less products required for the job.  Using microfiber cloths and mops can reduce the need for extra product.  Allowing for the proper “dwell time” of the products will ensure you are not spending more time cleaning than you need to.  Review with your office cleaning company to ensure they are using cost-effective techniques.

5. Controlling Consumption

Think about installing automatic dispensers for soap and hand towels.  These dispensers are great money saving tips which will allow for better control of consumable products.  It is also a great way for your business to take a step to “Go Green“.

Remember: We Take Care of Janitorial Supplies!

A trusted, reputable office cleaning company like Master Care Janitorial will actually use all of these money saving tips for you.  Leave your cleaning services and janitorial supplies in our care, and we can help reduce your cleaning budget.  Contact us today for all of your commercial cleaning needs!

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