North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

The North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week is an annual, continent-wide promotion.  This week is when employers, workers, and all partners in occupational health and safety collaborate to promote injury and illness prevention in the workplace.   Are you committed to the health and safety of your employees?  To help promote this important message, please visit the NAOSH website.

Master Care Janitorial and Facility Services looks out for our cleaning teams through proper training in occupational safety.  Cleaning crews are aware of how to prevent injuries and illnesses in the janitorial industry.  We use tools such as WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems), on site training on possible facility hazards, as well as regular inspections and clean up of janitorial supplies and equipment.  We are committed to providing our staff with a healthy and safe work environment.  Learn more about Master Care training and quality assurance.
Watch this story about how one employer shares the lesson he learned as a business owner after one of his workers was seriously injured on the job.

Participation certificates and awards

Every year, organizations throughout B.C. that participate in NAOSH Week receive a certificate and have the opportunity to apply for an award. For more information on how to register your company for these awards visit WorkSafeBC.
Are you looking for NAOSH events in your area? Here is a list of events in British Columbia honoring occupational health and safety week.

The NAOSH Logo

Three hands forming an equilateral triangle portrays the three participating nations – Canada, the United States and Mexico – and symbolizes joint venture, cooperation and the commitment to the common goals shared by all occupational health and safety partners. The three sides stand for partnership of the three countries in this joint occupational health and safety venture, as well as all tripartite partnerships between business, labour and governments. The connected hands illustrate assistance and cooperation on many levels – from interpersonal relationships in the workplace to international exchange.  (Source)
NAOSH Safety and Health