Workplace Spring Cleaning

It is important to focus some of your spring cleaning attention on your workplace.  Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all play a roll in a deep cleaning that your office may require after the closed in winter months.  This type of cleaning is not only the janitorial staff’s responsibility.  Get your office staff involved as they are generally particular about who gets to move things around to do the deep cleaning their desk needs.
The infographic below does a great job in breaking down what can be done by office staff.  Make it a fun afternoon for the staff.  Take a time out of the paperwork and supply them with the appropriate cleaning materials needed to do a full workplace spring cleaning.
workplace spring cleaning

Workplace spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore

Cleaning your office with your co-workers can actually be a great team building experience.  Organize a potluck lunch and make a game of it, with prizes and all.  Make it a bonding experience.  Call in the shredders to shred those documents that need to be cleared out.  Take before and after pictures.  Have some fun!
If you need some other workplace spring break ideas – check out our Office Spring Cleaning blog post.  This lays out some of the steps and tools to prepare for a successful cleaning experience.