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Winter floor care means something very serious to property owners.  With winter comes wear and tear on your building and office floors.  Mud, slush, snow and salt can ruin your floors and cost you a lot in repairs and replacement.  Property owners and property managers need to be aware of the damage that the winter elements can do on your floors.  Here are 3 ways to reduce the negative impact that winter can have on your floors , as well as keep your customers and staff safe, during the cold winter months.

1. Invest in a  Shovel and Ice Melter

If you are the building owner, you do not want any of your customers or staff to injure themselves on your property.  Make sure to be proactive about upcoming storms and ensure that you will have enough ice melter to combat ice.  If you have a lot of snow, ensure that you have someone clearing the walkways and parking lot regularly.    Winter floor care starts by keeping the winter from getting into your building at all.  By giving people a safe, dry place to walk, you reduce the amount of winter weather entering the building.

2. Invest in Proper Entrance Matting

An entrance mat is more than just an aesthetically pleasing decor upon walking into your establishment.  It has a very important function in property maintenance, especially during winter weather.

  • Up to 80% of dirt is tracked in on the soles of shoes of people entering the building?
  • It costs up to $500 to clean and remove one pound of dirt that penetrated a building?
  • Without entrance matting, as much as 42% of the floor finish can be damaged or removed after 1500 people have walked within the first six feet of an entrance.* Source

For these reasons, entrance mats can play an important role in protecting your company’s image, the health of building occupants and your cleaning budget.
Ensure that you have quality, absorbent floor mats in the entrance way to soak up the slush before it has the chance to get on the flooring. Keep and eye on your mats as you may have to change the mats regularly. If the mats are saturated in salty water, they are no longer able to do their job.
Remove the outdoor matting from your facility as it will get wet and freeze, increasing the risk of slipping.  That frozen mat won’t do much more than become a hazard.

3. Clean Floor Often

Don’t wait the regular 2-3x per week to clean the floors.  Ensure you have someone taking the time to mop up the floor regularly during the day.  This small investment in extra cleaning will ensure that the slush and salt do not do permanent damage to your floors.
Using these tips will help protect your facility floors throughout the winter weather.  By not getting Don’t let the salt and slush sit on your floors too long – ensure you schedule extra cleaning during the times of serious winter weather.

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Winter Floor Care – Remove slush & salt regularly to keep your floors to reduce floor damage.