What First Impressions Are You Making?

When we walk through the door, we judge a facility by our first impressions.  Most people will remember if it was dirty, and quietly appreciate the cleanliness.  Studies have shown that restaurant patrons will be less likely to return to a facility if they encounter a dirty restroom.  Remember – you only get one shot to make a good first impression.  Start with the cleanliness of the facility.

5 Tips To Ensure Great First Impressions

  1. Glass – ensure all glass is sparkling clean including windows, doors, partitions, mirrors, aquariums and tables etc.
  2. Floors – usually one of the first thing people notice – how clean are your floors and are you proud to show them off?
  3. Trash – empty trash cans regularly!  This is important for the health of patrons as well as for the perceived cleanliness of the facility.
  4. Dust – dust buildup is not visually appealing and will give customers a bad first impression on your facility. Ensure all horizontal surfaces are dust free such as counters, tables, window ledges, plants and door frames.
  5. Disinfect fixtures – ensure you disinfect all high touch fixtures such as door knobs, railings and light switches.

Having a clean facility shows that you appreciate your customers and therefore shows that you care about the details. You are willing to go above and beyond for your customers and staff.  Regular professional janitorial with a trusted company can give you the peace of mind that your facility will always give that great first impression.  Give us a call to receive your personalized proposal for all of your facility cleaning needs.