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Have you bought into the hype about Microfiber?  Well if you haven’t… you should!
Not only will using this miracle material save you time and money, it will also keep you surfaces cleaner and reduce illness.  Why wouldn’t you use it?


What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a lint-free synthetic material that has been around for nearlymicrofiber cloths a decade and has become one of the most preferred cleaning materials used in the professional cleaning industry. This material is constructed with millions of microscopic hooks that attract, absorb and remove all kinds of dirt, dust and bacteria from surfaces until it is washed.  The same cloth or mop head can be used for a much longer period of time than traditional cleaning cloths and mops.
Microfiber is also popular because of its versatility and ability to clean with or without the use of chemicals. (Source)

5 Benefits of using Microfiber

  1. When you use microfiber, no lint left behind – due to it’s synthetic makeup, there will be no lint left behind when cleaning your chrome, glass and mirrors.  Only a streak free, dust free shine!
  2. Dries quickly compared to sponges and cotton – Microfiber, compared to cotton, will dry in 40 to 60 percent less time.  High temperatures can cause harm to the microfibers so please see below for how to best clean and dry your microfiber.
  3. Stop throwing your money away on paper towels.  Think of how many paper towels you go through every cleaning – it really adds up.  If you are concerned about cross-contamination, use the color-coded method that Master Care Janitorial and other professional janitorial companies use.
    • Red: Used in areas with a higher risk of cross-contamination and spread of infection — most commonly for cleaning restroom areas including toilets and urinals
    • Yellow:  Used for cleaning objects and surfaces in rooms and lower risk areas of restrooms including sinks
    • Green: Used in areas where food is handled and prepared
    • Blue: Used in lower risk areas such as common areas and for general purpose cleaning of surfaces such as glass and mirrors.
  4. They don’t cost much compared to dirty sponges and cotton cloths as they last much longer each microfiber cloth has 300+ uses, so if you clean once a week, you’ve got at least 6 years of use on any given cloth. If well cared for, you can reap the benefit of your purchase for many years.
  5. Reduces the need for chemicals.  The material is made to pick up microscopic bits of dirt and bacteria, trapping them until properly laundered.  If you care for your cleaning cloths as per the instructions, you do not need to use chemical cleaners to have a dirt free, bacteria free surface.  “Green” cleaning is more effective when using these cloths.

How to Care for your Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber mops and cloths are designed for repeated use and most brands should withstand anywhere from 300 to 500 laundry cycles. According to industry manufacturers, if the product is properly used and cared for, the product itself often will fall apart long before the microfiber becomes ineffective.  Microfiber cloths and mops are made of of the wedge-shaped strands that allow it to pick up dirt.  Using a fabric softener in the dryer will actually clogs up the fibers and renders it ineffective. See more at: How to Launder Microfiber