Office Spring Cleaning

Have you ever done a good office Spring Cleaning? The sun is out, but you are stuck at your office amid piles of papers, folder and files to be dealt with…..   how about take a day, a few days, a weekend even to spring clean your office.  Here are 6 tips to get your new, clutter free, organized office started.
1. Office Spring Cleaning – Tools
–  have a shredding machine or boxes that can be picked up by a shredding company
–  have new file folders and labels handy
–  create the 4 organizational piles – Keep, Give Away, Store, Trash
–  cleaning supplies such as duster, sanitizing wipes, trash bags
2. Office Spring Cleaning – Dedicate Time
– Schedule the office cleaning  day where you can turn off your phones and computer. 
     – Interruptions will slow you down so do your office cleaning on a Saturday or a slow day!
3. Office Spring Cleaning  – Declutter Declutter Declutter
– organize your desk top and desk drawer so you know where to find everything.
(A clean, decluttered desk will save you time and reduce your stress!)
– clean your in & out mail trays, think about adding new trays (such as a “to do” tray) if needed!
4. Office Spring Cleaning  – High Touch Areas
-Clean your keyboard, mouse and phone (please do this more regularly than during Spring Cleaning!!!)
     – if you eat at your desk, you will find crumbs in your keyboard
(..turn your keyboard upside down and vacuum it with a small attachement!)
– use disinfecting wipes to wipe down your keyboard, mouse and phone
– use disinfecting wipes to clean your desk
5. Get carpets or floors deep cleaned by a professional cleaning company 
      – get rid of the dust and dirt that build up, that you may not even notice!
6. Re-evaluate your office cleaning company
– are you finding cobwebs and dust in areas they are expected to be clean and tidy?
– are you getting the quality janitorial you are paying for?
do you get good customer service?
Hope this helps you get started on your office spring cleaning.  Remember, spring cleaning is also good for the mind and to keep you going in the right direction.
I am always looking for more tips on cleaning and going green, so feel free to leave your ideas!
p.s. If you are looking to spring clean your home, I found this great list from Martha Stewart!  Check it out!