What is more important than the cost to clean your office?  How about the cost of NOT cleaning your office? Don’t focus on cleaning as a negative, focus on what your cleaning company can do for you to make your life easier and make your customers and employees happy.
If you have ever called a commercial cleaning company to get a quote, very few of them will give you a quote over the phone.   You aren’t buying a product, you are paying for a specific service, unique to your needs.  A reputable cleaning company like Master Care Janitorial will then have someone come out to your facility and measure the site, discuss your cleaning needs and expectations and come up with a reasonable and fair price.  Below are some of the factors they use when determining the cost to clean your office.

How large is the space?

Though this is an obvious factor, not every office of the same square footage is the same. 10,000 square feet of cubicles is a different job than 10,000 square feet of meeting space or warehousing.  Different spaces  and configurations require different tools and techniques. Both the size of the space and what is in the space determines the cost to clean.

How often our teams will be cleaning?

Some facility spaces require daily cleaning, while others may need some services performed once a week. Each customer has different cleaning expectations.  A quality cleaning company will work with you to determine what is best.

What specific types of cleaning and facility needs?

Some  customer want the basics such as vacuuming, dusting, emptying of trash, while others requiring those basic services plus daily kitchen cleaning, monthly floor waxing, and twice daily restroom cleaning.

The layout of your facility effects cost to clean.

Glass partitions, elevators, kitchen, restrooms, large windows…these are features that could require either more in-depth cleaning or more hours than a “typical” space.

What about specialty services?

Do you have high traffic carpeted areas, or lots of upholstered furniture, or high windows to clean, or high gloss floors? You must take into consideration these extra specialty services that need to be done on a regular basis such as every 3 months, or six months.
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The Cost of  your office cleaning

Master Care Janitorial determines the cost of cleaning  an office by the number of hours; types of services, frequency, and facility requirements. There are other factors as well including geographical location and parking costs, time of the day/evening, as well as security requirements.  Master Care also has top notch customer service, supervision and 24/7 communication to ensure you are getting the cleaning you are paying for.  You may get very similar quotes from different cleaning professionals interested in becoming your cleaning and maintenance company; the one you choose should be committed  to delivering exceptional quality and an excellent service experience.

The Cost of NOT cleaning your office

Remember, by not having regular cleaners who you can trust, you will end up spending more time on this part of your business than you have to.  By hiring a trusted professional cleaning company , you will make a great first impression on customers, reduce sick days for your employees and spend little to no time stressing about things you shouldn’t be focusing on, such as cleaning.  Hiring a good office cleaning company is actually great for the bottom line.