Did you know it just takes a few minutes to clean everyday? If you follow these cleaning tips from the master homemaker (Martha Stewart of course) you can have your home looking good all of the time with very little effort.  Print out this checklist to help you remember

Make Up Your Bed

Mess begets mess. Tidiness begets tidiness. When you make your bed, the whole room seem more orderly, which makes it less likely that you’ll let other things — such as clothes and papers — pile up around it.

Manage the Clutter

Get in the habit of taking a quick look around for anything that isn’t where it should be. Pick it up and put it where it belongs. Make that a household rule as everyone should be responsible for keeping the house tidy.

Sort the Mail

When the mail comes in, deal with it right away. Keep a trash bin near your sorting area for junk mail and envelopes.  Take those few minutes to open, read, and sort mail as soon as you bring it inside.  Remember to set up the four in-boxes to keep on top of it: personal correspondence, bills, catalogs, and filing.

Clean as You Cook

As you are waiting for the pot to boil, the oven to heat up, the rice to cook – take that time to wipe up and wash the dishes you are using.  Don’t fill the sink up with pots and dishes, wash them or put them in the dishwasher as you prepare a meal.

Wipe Up Spills

Before a spill hardens, wipe it up right away.  Whether it’s tomato sauce on the cooktop or makeup on the bathroom counter, almost anything is faster and easier to remove if you attend to it immediately.  This habit will also reduce your need for chemical cleaners as you are removing the organic material before the bacteria has time to build up.

Clean Everyday – Sweep the Kitchen Floor

After the dinner cleanup, before everyone is off to bed take 5 minutes to sweep the floor. This will keep tough-to-clean dirt and grime from building up, keep scratches from hardened food under chairs to a minimum and will make the weekly mopping much quicker.
These daily cleaning habits will keep your home feeling clean, decluttered and ready for those drop in guests or neighbours.  If you have a few extra minutes to spare, what about checking out this list of One Minute Chores.  It’s a great list for kids who need to be encouraged to clean everyday too. For more cleaning checklists check out Martha Stewart’s Golden Rules of Cleaning.