Do you know how to tell if your office is clean? Besides of course noticing that your stapler has been moved or your monitor may be off on a slightly different angle.  Take a peak at the janitors closet? What and how do they have their supplies stored?  Maybe watch HOW they clean.  This is your responsibility as a business owner or office manager, to ensure that everyone is doing their job to the best of their ability. Office cleaning professionals should use these industry standards for their efficient and effective cleaning. You should check to see if your cleaning professional uses these tips.

Office Cleaning Tip #1 – Clean from high to low.

A professional office cleaning will start cleaning the higher locations first.  They will start with dusting light fixtures and wiping walls.  This then leads to cleaning desks and horizontal surfaces.  Finally as the dust and debris make it way down, sweeping, vacuuming and /or mopping of the floors will be the final task.

Office Cleaning Tip #2 – Clean from Dry to Wet

Start by dusting and wiping surfaces of debris first before bring out the wet mop and the cleaning solution. Removing the debris will make actual “cleaning” (removing bacteria) easier.

Office Cleaning Tip #3 – Clean from Back to Front

Start at the back offices, hallways and bathrooms, and clean towards the exit locations.

Office Cleaning Tip #4 – Use Dwell Time

By allowing the cleaning solutions to sit and do it’s job by breaking up soil or killing bacteria – you are actually reducing your cleaning effort.

Office Cleaning Tip #5 – Proper Tools and Equipment Maintenance

By purchasing proper cleaning supplies – such as Microfiber cloths,  cleaning and maintaining your vacuum, storing mops and cloths properly, washing your microfiber cloths regularly and correctly, your cleaning tasks will be most efficient and effective.

Ensuring you have hired the right company with the right cleaning staff is essential to your peace of mind as a business owner.  By providing a clean and healthy environment for your staff and your customers, you can then spend your time on growing your business.  Leave the cleaning to the professionals.  Call Master Care Janitorial and Facility Maintenance for your no-obligation quote today! 604-JANITOR.