Guests on their way and need your home to appear clean? There’s really no point to cleaning your place top to bottom right before they arrive. You are hoping they are going to have a good time and, they’re going to make a bit of a mess anyway, right? But you need them to believe your house is clean, even if you just shoved the yet-to-be-folded laundry under the bed seconds before they arrive. Here are some great tips to follow to ensure you home will appear clean. 

  • Do the De-Clutter Walk Through

    Start at the front door with a laundry basket and a garbage bag.  Walk the path your guests will walk and pick up any item that does not belong and either throw it away or toss in the laundry basket to place it in it’s proper location.
    appear clean for guests

  • Clean the Three T’s

    Toilets, tabletops and television.  Bathrooms, kitchens and dust covered televisions are a dead giveaway that you are not keeping up with your cleaning tasks.  Clean the toilet and mirror, de-clutter your table and counter tops and dust that television set.

  • Stash the Dirty Dishes….In Your Oven

    If you don’t have time to clean them before guests arrive, stack them nicely and stash them in your oven!!  I hate to admit that I have used this trick before!

  • Close all Doors, Drawers and Toilet Seats

    Voila – instant  tidy! Also, stack those piles of mail nicely or throw it in a basket on the counter.

  • Light a Scented Candle

    First impression when one walks through the door also has to do with the way your house smells.  Since we go “nose blind” to odors in our own house, simply by having a scented candle can help set the mood and make your home appear clean.

But truly, our guests do the same thing before we arrive, so we are all in the same boat.  Life is busy and messy and your friends will understand.   Relax, have fun and give them a good time…that will quickly help them overlook the mess anyway!
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