Cleaning When your Child Is Sick

So it’s cold and flu season – and of course, stomach flu season.  Oh how I do not enjoy this part of the year.  I usually have one child, if not all four, that comes down with the stomach flu.  Thank you indoor weather.  It is time to take cleaning and sanitizing seriously at these times to avoid the sickness from touching the entire household.  Do you know what the most important cleaning tips are – asides from the obvious bathroom/toilet cleaning? Time to stock up on disinfecting wipes

Cleaning Tips #1  -High Touch Areas

Bannisters, light switches, door handles and remote controls.  Your kids walk around with germs on their hands and touch all of these things and yet we forget to clean them regularly.

Cleaning Tips #2- Hand Towel

How often do you replace the hand towel in your bathroom? Most likely not as often as you should.  When your child is sick, it is important to change that hand towel every day.  The warm, damp environment will keep those germs growing, just waiting for the next pair of healthy hands to jump to.

Cleaning Tips #3- Bedding

Ensure that the pillowcase is washed regularly.  When the sickness is over, go ahead and wash the sheets and comforter.  Don’t forget to wash the throw blanket on the couch too.

 Cleaning Tips #4 – Contain Germs

By using small plastic bags to collect the used tissues or by lining the “couldn’t make it to the bathroom” bucket, it will help contain the germs to reduce the risk of spreading.

Cleaning Tips #5 – Toothbrushes

If you don’t want to clean the too toothbrushes with the recommended hydrogen peroxide, then make sure to replace the toothbrush once the sickness has subsided.
So aside from cleaning the obvious germ infested places, and encouraging good hand hygiene, use these above tips to reduce the germs lurking around your house after a child is sick.