Master Care Corporate Culture

Master Care cleaning staff is the backbone of our business so staff appreciation plays a big part in the success of our company.  If we did not have a large pool of dedicated, trained, hard working staff, Master Care Janitorial would not be a successful cleaning business.  During the summer Master Care celebrated our associates and staff at a summer BBQ.  Our corporate culture of staff appreciation was shown again this weekend when one of our associates took it upon themselves to have their own staff appreciation party at a beautiful banquet hall in Surrey.  The event couldn’t have been better!  Thank you to the Kulars for taking the time and effort to put on this event.Staff Appreciation Party

Staff Appreciation Party

Not only where cleaning staff honored with food, drinks, door prizes, dancing and entertainment, but the office staff and some of our big customers were invited to celebrate too.  We all got to see what hard work and dedication has done for our associates; the ability to put on a large banquet for their cleaning teams.
When we got the invite to this staff appreciation party, we were truly honored.  We were so proud that our associates have followed the Master Care culture of showing appreciation to their staff.  We know that appreciation goes a long way in helping people to achieve their potential.  We hope that this appreciation party will help their staff see that they are part of a large company who genuinely care about them.Cleaning Staff Appreciation

Do you appreciate your cleaning staff?

So maybe it’s time to look at the cleaning staff in your building a little differently.  They are the people who make your life a little easier, doing the dirty work you would rather not do.  They keep garbage out of the way, dust off your desk and sanitize your restrooms.  Imagine if there were not there.  Wouldn’t your surrounding and health suffer?  Maybe it’s time to show your cleaning staff appreciation for all they do for you.  With the holidays coming, surprise your cleaning staff with a  Thank You note, or another token of appreciation.  Let them know that their contribution to your daily life is not overlooked.  Remember, a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.
cleaning staff appreciation