School is almost back in session.  Are you doing what you can to keep your students and staff healthy? Solely relying on professional school cleaning will not reduce the instances of illnesses in students.  The school, teachers and parents have a responsibility to teach the children good hygienic habits to keep them from getting sick at school.

Hand Hygiene

One essential thing we should be teaching our children is the importance of hand washing.  There are so many germs that children pass around the school, it is hard to keep up.  By ensuring they wash their hands Germs on handsmultiple times a day, they can keep the spread of such germs down to a minimum.  Part of school cleaning should also be providing regulated hand sanitizer dispensers for when students are unable to get to a sink to wash with soap and water.

Good School Cleaning Practices

High traffic areas, light switches, door knobs, banisters etc are touched by hundreds of dirty fingers every day.  These high-traffic touchpoints should be cleaned regularly. Cross contamination is a serious issues when focussing on school cleaning.  The same rags and mops should not be used to clean the bathroom and the desks.   There should be systems in place with your professional janitorial service provider to ensure that this instances for cross contamination does not occur.  For instance color coding of cleaning cloths can make a big difference!

Touch-Less Products

A school is the best place to install “touch-less products”.  Lights should turn on with sensors, Toilets should flush on their own, sink faucets should turned on and off with sensors, paper towel and soap dispensers should not require any student with dirty hands to pump a lever.  By eliminating these high traffic touch points, you immediately reduce the chances of cross-contamination.  These touch-free products and procedures will also reduce costs in the long run by regulating consumption.
By teaching good hand hygiene, relying on professionals school cleaning services and by installing more touch-less dispensers, you will reduce instances of illnesses and bacteria transfer in the school environment.  Daily school cleaning, plus weekly scrubbing and a full sanitation 3x per year or during flu outbreaks should help make our schools healthy for our children.

Hygienic habits in schools to prevent infections

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