What is your janitor’s name? You know, that person who you see daily at your office building, at your school.  Although the janitor, or school custodian or your facility maintenance person may not be the most prestigious job in the world, I would like you to think …  just for a moment …of what you would do with out him or her?

Your Janitor Makes a Difference Everyday 

There are MANY jobs out there that are created because, generally many people just don’t want to do the “dirty jobs”.   A plumber.  Road kill collector.  Garbage collector.   Though not everyone would like to do these jobs, they are necessary for a healthy, functional society.  Your janitor is someone you see and really need to appreciate every day.  Would you want to be the one to clean up the restrooms at your facility?  Do you want to wash those window and pick up after the people in your office.  Your janitors do the “dirty work” so others everybody can benefit.
Due to the importance of janitors, there has been many iconic janitors featured in the media whom you have come to love and respect.  They’re not the superheroes who save the day, nor the evil-minded villains out only for revenge. They are just hard working individuals who make a difference everyday!

A Janitorial Work is Never Done

A janitor is a person who takes care of the maintenance needs in office buildings, hospitals, schools, condominiums etc.   It is often summarized as just a “cleaner”.  A janitor’s position includes other responsibilities like maintenance and security duties, replacing lighting, stocking soap, hand towels and toilet paper. It is only fair that we refer to these people as caretakers, not just cleaners. This job also has far more prestigious titles – a custodian or a building superintendent as these positions cover more responsibilities than just cleaning.

The Janitor from Scrubs

Ever watched the TV show “Scrubs”? Played by actor Neil Flynn, he is often referred to THE janitor, rather than just A janitor. He had a bit of a… let’s just say “unique” sense of humour.  He is actually a very unproductive janitor and handyman and is rarely seen actually doing his job.  Yet he always knew what was going on around the hospital and has access to every part of the hospital which helps him pull off a multitude of pranks. He is the omnipresence of the facility – which actually makes him a very powerful person.

The Janitor from Muppets

Beauregard is the dim but lovable janitor at the Muppet Theater.  He appears accidentally on stage during productions, still working on the props until he realizes he is intruding and must either rush out of sight or attempt to blend in with the action. Everybody loved Beauregard.

The Janitor from Good Will Hunting

Definitely the most inspiring janitor of all is played by Matt Damon. Nominated for an Academy Award in the astonishing 9 categories, won Oscars for original screenplay and best supporting role. This film, tells the story of a genius janitor, who has the ability to solve mind bending equations in his sleep.  We see him get to explore his gifts while he performs his school cleaning services.

Wall-E the Janitor

Ever thought of Wall-E as a janitor? Doesn’t he clean up his surrounding environment? He works diligently to fulfill his directive to clean up the garbage on Earth, the garbage and filth that we leave behind.  He is there to make our earth a better place.  Isn’t that what our janitors do everyday?
We should all have a strong appreciation for janitors and all our professional commercial cleaners. Besides being dirty and unpleasant, this type of work is mostly preformed at night, when the  buildings are empty, which makes it also physically demanding and highly trusted. A lot of thought should go into hiring your janitorial company as they are really are the heros that do the dirty work that others don’t want to do. Call on Master Care’s bonded, ID’d and security checked janitors to be your heroes!