Strata Property Manager vs Strata Property Maintenance

Strata corporations are required by statute to “repair and maintain” common property. With over 29,000 registered strata corporations, and over 350,000 strata units in British Columbia, that is a lot of property owners and managers looking for quality building maintenance. Some of the most basic issues that need to be addressed are upkeep and appearance of the common areas of a strata property. As a strata owner, your monthly fees will support a contingency fund for these costs, as well as the monthly maintenance. If your strata council needs help maintaining the property or maintenance planning, this is where a strata property manager comes in. The manager will have to oversee the maintenance of the building, from changing hallway lights, move in/move out padding on elevators, to hallway and stairwell cleaning. The manager may then hire a strata property maintenance company to ensure these things are done correctly and in a timely matter. Ref 1

Strata Designations

Knowing where your personal property ends and the common property starts is essential to know who is responsible for what.

Strata Lot or Part of the Strata Lot: 

This is owned by the individual and the individual owner is responsible for upkeep and repairs. This strata lot usually ends at the center of walls, floors and ceilings, but may have different boundaries, if shown on the strata plan.

Common Property:

This is the part of a strata development that is not part of a strata lot and each owner owns a share of the common property, as tenants in common.

Limited Common Property:

This is common property that has been designated on the strata plan or on a sketch plan filed at the Land Title Office, for the exclusive use of one or more strata lots. Ref 2

Who is Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs?

The basic day to day activities of the property owners will effect the strata property as a whole. Because all of the owners share the cost of maintaining the common areas of their building, they are usually quite respectful of all aspects of the property. But there is still the regular cleaning of the common areas such as hallways, elevators, mail and laundry rooms to deal with. There are still lights to be changed, sidewalks to be cleaned and power washed. The more common areas in a building, usually the higher the strata fees as there is more to maintain.

Who to call for your Strata Property Maintenance?

A reputable building maintenance company such as Master Care Facility Services will make the strata council’s job, or even the property managers job, much easier. They take care of those daily, weekly, or even seasonal common area issues. From power washing, gutter cleaning and snow removal, to graffiti removal, janitorial and window cleaning, there are many common area strata property maintenance issues to look after. With over 30 years experience, they have seen it all and cleaned it all!

 Are you a  strata property owner or manager having to look at or deal with the regular strata property maintenance issues?

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