5 Cleaning Myths

Though cleaning is not “rocket science”, believe it or not, sometimes what you do or use to clean right now may be causing problems!! Since the impact of cleaning affects appearance, odors and most of all health, let us decipher some of the cleaning myths out there and give you a “cleaning” education!

Cleaning Myths #1 – Disinfectant Solution = Cleaner 

“I only need one product to clean and disinfect!” Yes, but you must do the CLEANING and DISINFECTING in two separate steps, as if using two different cleaners! You must remove dirt and particulates first before you can disinfect the area.  The disinfecting step is to apply the product and allow it to remain moist for a prescribed amount of time to kill the bacteria. For more information on the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, check out https://www.mastercare.com/cleaning-sanitizing-and-disinfecting/

Cleaning Myths #2 – The More The Better

Overusing chemicals can cause  your cleaning efforts to back fire. When too much chemical is used it will leave a residue on surfaces that attract more dirt.  You will have to rinse, therefore re-clean the surface to clean away the  cleaner.  Manufacturers have no problem directing you to use more product than necessary as this leads to more product sold and also attracts more dirt so you have to clean it again sooner.

Cleaning Myths #3 – It Smells So Clean! 

We associate clean with an odor, in many cases it is bleach or pine or lemon or floral.  The problem is that most of these chemicals cover up to real issue and rely on a “clean scent.” The smell of clean is no odor at all. The compounds used for fragrances are in many cases exaggerated to the point of leaving a bio film behind that can attract dirt and bacteria.

Cleaning Myths #4 – Bleach Is The Best Cleaner

Good cleaning chemical properties help to loosen and suspend soil in the solution so that they can be removed easily. Bleach has no such properties. It is a killer of bacteria. That’s all.  Bleach is also dangerous for humans since we are just a larger organism. The fumes that give us that desired “Bleach Clean” smell are actually toxic!

Cleaning Myths #5 – Clean Is A Matter of Opinion 

“What I call clean and what you call clean are two different things.”  – heard this before? To clean something means to remove all soils  and particulate that can attract bacteria and promote its growth. With methods such as A.T.P. testing and even simple black light inspections, it becomes apparent that a surface that looks clean, is in fact not. Tidy may be a matter of opinion – but clean is not a guess or opinion.  It is a fact.

With your new found cleaning education you can help to improve your overall cleaning and also improve your health.  Taking time to find out what is actually happening when you clean can save time, money and give you the peace of mind that if you say it is clean, it is clean! You can always call in a  trusted, professional janitorial service to ensure your surroundings are “clean’ – https://www.mastercare.com/our-promise/quality-assurance-program/


Thank you Bald Guy Clean for your Cleaning Myths insights. http://thecleanestimage.com/dangerous-cleaning-myths