Quality Cleaning Team in Vancouver

The Master Care Cleaning Team provides Metro Vancouver with high quality cleaning services.  We  work hard to meet and exceed all of our customers expectations.  With great communication and a streamlined business model, we know that Master Care can provide you, your company, your commercial space or your strata building with a quality cleaning experience.

Our Cleaning Team starts with the front line, high quality cleaning staff, organized and supervised by our 16 associates who are out there keeping our customers happy. We have our staff members working hard behind the scenes with billing and invoicing keeping our associates happy, then our President who tries to keep EVERYBODY happy.

We have an amazing  cleaning team that we like to recognize for their hard work.  We regularly have lunches, awards dinners, Summer BBQs and Christmas Parties to show them how much they are appreciated.  This year, we tried something different.  We invited them to Paintball at Ambush Paintball in Surrey BC prior to our annual summer BBQ for a great team building experience.  Wow!  Was that an adventure.

Our President offered his associates a chance this year as a way of having some team-building fun.  Unfortunately, we did not get the turnout we were hoping for as this physical activity was beyond what some were willing to try. For those who did show up – 4 associates, 6 staff and 2 friends, I can speak for them all when I say we had a ball! We even have the bruises to show it!

We shared the Paintball Field first with some younger boys who were looking forward to shooting the “old people”, then in our second field in the forest setting, a bachelor party joined in so there were quite a few of us playing.  But our President Chris was not satisfied with this.  He wanted some “alone time” for the 12 of us Master Care participants.  Chris convinced the other two groups to give us 10 minutes in the field and have a 6 on 6 game of “Capture the Flag”.  Was that ever a good time.  Running.  Ducking, Covering your team mates.  We definitely got a good “team” workout on that last round of play. 

We completed our Paintball experience and headed back to Chris’ home for a BBQ and Pool Party.  After comparing bruises and getting out of our now colorful paintball attire, we enjoyed our ribs, chicken and salads prepared by Chris’ wife.  It couldn’t’ have been a better day – well I guess it could, if we had more of our top quality cleaning team come join us of course!