The Dirty Truth About Green Cleaning Products

Todays world is all about Green Cleaning, Enviromentally Safe, Eco-Friendly, Sustainability! So naturally, commercial production of these products are on the rise.  Be aware though, not all commercial maufactures are looking out for the environments best interest, their bottom line comes first. So the question becomes How can you find the best, healthiest and  safest cleaning products to use in your home?

Here are some helpful hints of what to look for, regardless of a product’s  name, labeling, or database rating:

• Full disclosure of all  ingredients
• Ingredients should be derived from plants and minerals
• Must not contain petroleum-derived or petro-chemical ingredients
• Label must  stipulate the origin of fragrance and whether it is naturally derived or not
• All ingredients should be biodegradable
• No animal-testing, no  animal-derived ingredients
• Finished product must be safe for septic tanks  and grey water
• Must not be corrosive
• Must not contain compounds that  cause or contribute to the creation of greenhouse gases or ozone depletion
• Must be free of any known human carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, and endocrine  disruptors

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It is true that more and more people are making their own green cleaning products, but please be aware of the potential dangers of this practice.  Most household cleaners are safe if used as directed on labels, but those who make their own cleansers using natural ingredients don’t have the warnings or instructions that come with commercial products.  Pets and children can be affected by essential oils added to your homemade produts.

“Newspaper”- A little trick I learned from my Aunt Dianne, that same newspaper you read at breakfast can also be used as a great green alternative to paper towels when it comes to cleaning windows.

“Pop-Up Sponges”- These sponges are made from all natural cellulose and can actually be cleaned and reused by being run through a dishwasher.

“Reusable Handi Wipes”- These reusable wipes are not only a greener choice for the environment, but they’ll save you some green as well. A pack of 6 only costs about $2.99.

“Microfiber Cloths”- These towels can be used on almost any surface and can remove almost any dirt, dust and bacteria without any chemical cleaners.

“Old Clothes”- If you happen to some old clothes lying around in storage or taking up space in your closet, you first look to donate them. Anything you can’t donate (maybe ripped or stained) you can now turn into a useful rag to help you clean up in lieu of paper towels.

 Green Cleaning is a fantastic way to reduce, reuse and recycle products in your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and to have a sustainable and healthy home.  Don’t forget about green cleaning at work too!  Call Master Care for your commercial green cleaning needs!