Benefits of Professional Post Construction Cleaning

Your newly constructed building is almost complete.  You are ready to hand over the keys to the property owners.  Before you do, ensure their satisfaction with professional post construction cleaning.  You want to impress the owners so that they will call on you again and again.

Post construction cleaning is a dirty job.  There is seemingly endless dust and debris from drywall and wood shaving.  This fine dust will settle in all of the corners, ducts, and every type of surface, both vertical and horizontal.  It settles in all of those little places that only a person with good attention to detail and great experience in construction cleaning will find.

Hiring a professional post construction cleaning company is the only way to ensure full customer satisfaction.  A good construction cleaning company has the proper training as to where to find and how to remove dust, paint, drywall mud, caulk, glue etc.  They know how to get the dust gets out of the ductwork.  They know that the dust settles over a few days and are aware of when to go in and do the proper cleaning.  They are licensed, insured and bonded so liability is not an issue as a construction zone can be a very hazardous place.  A good professional cleaning company ensures they have the safety training to use such equipment as scissor lifts, ladders and scrubbers.  They have steel toe boots and hard hats, reflective vests required to be on construction sites.

Comprehensive construction cleaning companies are aware that they must:

  • Remove construction debris
  • Vacuum, dust, & scrub, all surfaces including trim work and furniture.
  • Remove dust from ceiling pipes, duct work, vents, light fixtures,
  • Fully sanitize kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Polish stainless steel, wipe walls.
  • Clean, waxing and buffing all types of floor surfaces
  • Clean windowsills and window frames
  • Clean window and glass including scraping and etching removal

When your Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley residential or commercial project is in need of post construction cleaning – call on Master Care Facility Services.  We have built our reputation on a proven track record of quality workmanship, timely performance, and excellent customer service.  Call us today to put our LEED building cleaning experience to work for you!