We talk a lot about being environmentally responsible, being aware of sustainable products and of leaving our world cleaner for future generations. Going GREEN is a very important topic in the cleaning industry, as well as in almost every other business these days as well.  Many facilities managers and commercial cleaning companies are trying to decide how making the switch will be financially beneficial as well as environmentally friendly.  We have already seen how it is  easy going green and now here are some examples of how going green can be good for your bottom line in more ways than one. 

1)    Worker Health and Safety

Workplace safety is one of the top concerns for commercial cleaning and janitorial workers.  This is because most industrial cleaning products contain a misx of toxic chemicals that can easily affect the health of your employees.   Many commonly used chemicals can result in blindness, burn the skin, negatively impact reproductive health, damage the kidneys or liver, and even cause cancer.

Making the switch to less toxic, environmentally sensitive cleaning products isn’t just good for the health of your employees (which should be reason enough); it can also reduce costs in the long run. Green cleaning products have the potential to reduce on-site injuries (and subsequent sick days), decrease workers’ compensation claims and ultimately lower your insurance costs.

2)    Cleaning Products from Concentrate

If you look around you will notice that there are green cleaning products for everything from windows to disinfectants to degreasers. You will also notice that green prpoducts are typically sold in concentration (meaning they must be diluted prior to use) with minimal packaging. Hence, good for the environment in both waste reduction with less harsh chemicals.  This can save you money on the raw materials and shipping costs, the concentrated cleaning products last longer so reordering less frequently, and third, because of minimal packaging, they take up less storage space.

3)    Hazardous Chemicals: Protection and Disposal

Most conventional cleaning agents are highly toxic.  As a result, you can’t simply throw these materials into the trash. You must instead follow strict regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous waste. By using these chemilas, you also leave behind rags, absorbent pads, brushes and gloves that need to be disposed of properly. They also the need  for additional employee safety training and personal protective gear.

By making the switch to non-toxic cleaning products, you can ultimately reduce hazardous waste disposal costs, decrease money spent on employee safety training (or perhaps allocate it to another facet of training) and minimize the need for personal protection equipment.

So, not only it is morally responsible to make the switch, going green is actually good for business!  Check our our Master Care Janitorial Green Cleaning Certification and call us today for information on how our green cleaning company can help you make the switch!

 Based on an article in the Environmental Leader