Clean Space = Clean Mind

I am a big believer in a clean space equals a clean mind.  Though I may not follow the laws of Feng Shui, it does have some very relevant points regarding clutter and its energy in your surroundings!
According to Feng Shui practices, clutter is a frustrating, stagnant and confusing energy that constantly drains your energy.  It is also referred to as “visual pollution“!  So why are we so prone to having clutter?  Is it because:
a) we put something in a pile to deal with later
b) we don’t know where to put it
c) we don’t want to throw it out, cause we may need it at a future date or time.
For me, all of the above!  But all of this “hoarding” in turn means that one day, I will have to sit for a hour and go through piles upon piles of paper, envelopes, coupons, bits and pieces of toys, batteries, hair ties, hot wheels, receipts, clothing tags, etc…
Here is an interesting quote from the Dalhi Lama:
You should see all the external dirt and dust around you as basically a manifestation of the faults and stains within your own mind.  You should see that the most important aim is to purge these stains and faults from within your mind.
Therefore, as you cleanse the environment,  think that you are also purifying your mind

5 Health Benefits of having a Clean Space:

1)  Healthy Romance – no nagging one another to get things done, by keeping out the clutter, you have a happier relationship not built up on the things that DIDN’T get done around the house!
2) Healthy Finances – by having uncluttered spaces, you will have an organized mail system for all of the incoming bills, and you won’t miss those payments!
3)  Healthy Leisure Time – You are able to enjoy that book, or that drink with friend, or even that vacation without the guilt of thinking you should be taking this time to clean!
4) Healthy Family – You are likely to have less issue with things like asthma and colds and flu if you house is dust free, uncluttered and tidy.  There is also less chance of accidents in the home if things are in it’s place!
5) Healthy Social Life – wouldn’t you invite your friends and neighbours over more if your house was clean and neat?  You would be proud of your clean space, and therefore more social
Hopefully this should motivate you to keep a clean space.  As my mom always tells me, everything has a place, so just put it in its place.  Don’t let it sit around and pile up.  Take those 5 minutes to go through the mail, go through your kids bags, pick up two things before exiting a room, clear the counter before bed.  Those little actions will make your “decluttering day” a thing of the past!
Don’t forget to reward yourself on your amazingly neat and tidy home by having a professional cleaning service come in once and a while and give your space a thorough cleaning!  Having a quality cleaning company come in and do carpet cleaning and window cleaning will help make your space shine!