Ever thought about speed cleaning your house regularly?  It beats spending a whole day cleaning it once a week!  Here are some speed cleaning tips that will keep your house clean and tidy!

1. Have a caddy for all of your cleaning tools

This way, you can grab it on a moments notice (company on the way) and clean windows, walls & dust that furniture quickly.

2. Invest in a handheld vacuum.

It is quicker than sweeping 3 times a day!

3. Wipe the tables and counters THEN clean the floor

Top-down cleaning is used by professionals for a reason – efficiency is key!

4. Make sure you have good microfiber cloths on hand

Speed cleaning is a snap when you don’t have to use chemicals, works especially well on windows!

5. Keep cleaning wipes and toilet bowl cleaner in every bathroom.

It will get cleaned more often/quicker if your tools are handy

6. Keep a “donate” and “sell” box in somewhere in the house

This will help you declutter when you find things you don’t use or need anymore.

7. Never leave a room empty handed

Take a look around before you leave a room… sometimes all it takes is to pick up the items that don’t belong in that room.

8. Keep a basket (decorative of course) near the bottom of your step

Put things you find around that need to go upstairs in it and put it away every night.

9. Set a timer

It is amazing what you can get done when you know you only have 5, 10, 15 minutes on a timer.

10. Use a check sheet

It will help you move through your chores efficiently and then you will be rewarded by seeing how much you have accomplished.

There are so many quick cleaning tips around because we are all busy and would rather not be cleaning.    If you can’t hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you, find what works for you… speed cleaning may just be the way to go!
If you have speed cleaning tips that work for you, leave a comment and share your tips!