Are you cleaning with microfiber?  The first step to being an eco-friendly, green janitorial and cleaning company is to ensure the use of Green Cleaning Practices.  This goes beyond simply reducing the harmful chemicals that are traditionally used in cleaning.  There are many new “green” products coming out, but really, it starts with the tools!

Why Clean with Microfiber?

Microfiber cloths are a pure, clean, safe and fast chemical-free way of cleaning that is healthier for you and your family and good for the environment.

When high-quality microfiber is combined with the right knitting process, it creates an extremely effective cleaning material.  This material (often made with microscopic nylon or polyester fibers) can trap oil, dirt and bacteria in its fibers instead of pushing them around like a conventinal cleaning cloths.  Microfibre cloths are more efficient than ordinary cloths as they clean on a microscopic scale.  According to tests by US Davis,  using microfiber materials to clean a surface leads to reducing the number of bacteria by 99%, whereas a conventional cleaning material reduces this number only by 33%.

Microfiber is used in many professional cleaning applications, for example in mops and cleaning cloths. Although microfiber mops cost more than non-microfiber mops, they may be more economical because they last longer and require less effort to use.

Why are Microfiber cloths and mops considered “green“?

a) microfiber textiles are reusable
b) they can clean without using any chemicals at all
c) reduces water usage
d) captures more soil and doesn’t leave behind lint or dust like cotton and paper can, improving IAQ.


How do you clean a Microfiber Cloth?

Cleaning textiles made of microfiber must only be washed in regular washing detergent.  Fabric softener must not be used. The oils in the softener and self-softening detergents will clog up the fibers and make them less effective until the oils are washed out. Hang them to dry.

Professional Cleaning Tips 

For the most effective and thorough cleaning that ensures no cross- contamination – our quality cleaning experts at Master Care Janitorial Services use color coded cloths for bathroom, kitchen, mirrors/walls etc.