Take 3 minutes to view this video link – Changing the way the world views cleaning.  This ISSA video discusses the need to change the way the world views cleaning.  This video talks about the important role the cleaning industry plays in having a “green” environment, to human health, to prevention rather than acting on a virus outbreak.  Companies need to view cleaning as an investment in our environment and human health, not as a cost to be minimized.

What does “being green” actually mean?  Being “green” involves active participation in sustainable living.  Sustainability is ultimately the need to protect and safeguard our environment.  This protects and safeguards human health.  Doesn’t cleanliness and hygiene fall into the category of protecting and safeguarding human health?  A clean “green”  environment is a matter of public safety, of preventing people from getting sick, in keeping people healthy and allowing them to live in a healthy environment.

Cleaning is not considered an exiting or desirable career.  But, those of us who are currently involved in the cleaning industry are now passionate about it.  We understand how important our roll is in our environment.  We need to ensure big corporations and facilities understand it’s importance to both the “green” movement as well as to our health.  We need to have companies invest in good quality janitorial services for their professionalism and best practices.  Have these companies focus on on prevention of outbreaks such as NoroVirus, C. Diff and H1N1, rather than having to deal with the cost of shutting down their facility for a “thorough cleaning”.  How much is that going to cost?

Hopefully reputable, awards winning cleaning companies  such as Master Care Janitorial and Facility Services can help encourage this idea of investing in human health through investing in a good cleaning company.  Remember,  a clean and healthy environment is a core part of sustainability and protecting human health.