Building owners and facility managers, are you looking to “go green”?

Master Care is proud to say that we have been Green certified by Canadian Green Sustainability Program.  This program was designed for Canadians, by Canadians!

The CGSP knows the Canadian standards and regulations as it is designed for Canadian businesses.  Through the CGSP, we have been trained to look beyond the conventional cleaning methods to create a clean AND healthy environment.   Through this program, we have be taught cleaning consistancy while removing harmful and toxic chemicals from buildings.  Our associates are commited to the well-being of the building environment and the occupants within it.  This program will have such a powerful influence that it will ultimately lead to a more earth friendly environment for everyone.

Because of this certification and our commitment to “go green”, Master Care Janitorial has been awarded the contract for one of the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Standards buildings in the lower mainland.  The LEED certification is an internationaly recognized, third party certification.  It recognizes projects that implement strategies for better environmental and health performance.  By having this CGSP certification, we at Master Care Janitorial are in a position to deliver high quality, efficient service with a superior standard of professionalism and environmental consciousness.

Constructing and operating buildings consumes a great deal of natural resources and produces a large volume of waste.  Using eco-friendly facilty services, such as those of us who have been CGSP certified, can help in Vancouver’s mandate to improve our environment and have carbon neutral buildings by 2020.