Businesses are always looking to reduce spend and increase profit.  This is very evident in the Janitorial industry as one is always looking for the cheaper option to keep their businesses clean.  But you do have to be careful with janitorial and you often tend to get what you pay for!  If you are looking for some ways to save money on your commercial cleaning expenses, here are 4 money saving tips to consider:

  1. Professional, Trained Cleaning Crews

    A very simple way to save money is making sure the cleaning crew is properly trained.  If they know how to clean effectively and efficiently, they will be in and out in no time!  They should have all of their clean, efficient tools on hand, have their color coded cloths to reduce cross-contamination and use the top down cleaning method.  Since time = money in the janitorial field, you couldn’t get an easier way to save money!

  2. Control Consumption

    Another cost savings idea, is encouraging your customers to switch to automated or no touch dispensers.  Your customers can save money in product and maintenance by having a controlled, set about of soap or paper towel dispensed at each use.   Less product used + less need to consistently check on the dispensers = save money!

  3. Save Money Switching to Foaming Hand Soap

    Ever looked into using foam soap rather than liquid soap?  Foam soap is more “eco-friendly” because it is thinner, it uses less product to do the same thing and uses less water to rinse off your hands. This reduces your supply and cleaning costs as it doesn’t drip and clog drains either!

  4. Microfiber Mopping System

    Finally, instead of using a mop and bucket application of cleaning products to the floors, use a good bucket-less mop or a microfiber mop!  This reduces the amount time needed to clean the floor, reduces the amount of product and water used, reduces drying time and reduces danger to the public.

These are 4 very simple ways to help both the customer and the janitorial company to save money. Contact you company and ask for these cost savings ideas, or a better idea…just call us!