While traveling to last year, I noticed the increase use of “touch-free” items in the public bathrooms.  From the toilets, to the faucets, the soap dispensers and towel dispensers. Even the bathroom door was touch-free.  Using these dispensers are an effective way to reduce the spread of germs, but it is also cost-effective.   Let’s take a closer look at touch-free soap and towel dispensers that your facility maintenance company, such as Master Care, can supply for you.

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers

Touch-free soap dispensers are used in high-traffic commercial facilities such as airports, restaurants, universities and hospitals.  By using touch-free technology, these facilities can now control the amount of soap being dispensed by each patron.  This not only reduces waste, but it also allows for reduced maintenance visits by prolonging the life between refills.   All of these factors lead to cost savings for the facility!  As different facilities require different types of soap, it is essential to evaluate what would work best for you.  For regular public bathroom usage, it is recommended to use a foaming type of soap. Foam soap not only uses a smaller dose size, it also uses less water to wash it off, which helps with water conservation! 

Touch-Free Paper Dispensers 

The touch-free paper towel dispensers uses the same idea.  Instead of having someone manually pulling more  than one needs, the touch-free system dispenses a controlled about of product.  Again, this reduces waste and reduces costs.  These dispensers can be programmed to dispense only enough towel as one needs to effectively dry their hands.  HINT – You can also program in a delay between dispensing, as people don’t generally want to wait around for an “extra” sheet.  As towel manufacturers and types vary, so do the dispensers and their abilities so it is important to do your research. Your commercial cleaning provider such as Master Care Janitorial and Facility Services can help you discover what touch-free product works best for you. 

Healthy and Green

When reducing consumption is a priority in public restrooms, there are significant savings to be had by implementing touch-free soap and towel dispensers. The cost of the units themselves are not too expensive, making them an even more attractive purchase for facilities. The return on investment is also often recognized quickly in the declining overuse of soap, paper towels, energy and water consumption.  You couldn’t get a better argument than that for the environment as well as for your bottom line!