The cold weather brings with it winter property maintenance issues.  It is now time to look for a good ice melting compound to keep your place of business (or home) safe for customers and staff.  Below are some of the ice-melting compounds available:

Sodium chloride (or rock salt), is the most common . Beware though,  in extreme cold (such as below 7°C, or 20°F),  it has limited effectiveness . It can also damange vegetation and be corrosive to steel, certain building materials, and concrete sidewalks.

Calcium chloride is similar but more effective than sodium chloride. It removes moisture from the air and can work at extremely low temperatures. However, it is usually more expensive and also can damage nearby vegetation.

Magnesium chloride Similar, but less corrosive and safer than calcium chloride.

Potassium chloride  A high concentration of this compound makes it harmful to plants but it is effective at preventing ice buildup on walking surfaces. It is also less corrosive than some of the other ice-melt compounds already mentioned.

These compounds work by helping to break the bond between the ice and the surface, allowing it to be more easily removed.  No matter which ice melt compound is used during your winter property maintenance, for best results it should be applied before snow or ice accumulates.  They can still help though, with limited effectiveness, if applied after snow or ice has accumulated.

Once you determine which is the proper compound for your facility, you must be aware that these ice melts can affect your interior floors as well.  Ice melts can leave a residue that can damage the floors in your building or home.   Ensure you or your cleaning professional removes and cleans all mats, sweeps floors and removed the ice melt debris off your floors regulary so it does not sit for extended periods of time.

Though there are pros and cons to using the ice melts, it is a necessary evil for winter property maintenance and for the safety of all who come on to your property   With proper selection of products, proper use, and quick removal, the benefits of these products can far outweigh their drawbacks.