What Our Clients Say:

“When clients come to my office, I always worry about presentation, but with Master Care I know I am covered.” ~  Shawn P

Spring has Sprung!

It’s time to refresh your office, school, business or strata property. Last night we cleaned over 7 million square feet.  Let us clean your square feet (area that is).

Strata Funds to Good Use

Tired of work that doesn’t meet your expectations? Give Master Care a call and find out what it feels like to work with a group that truly loves clean.

Award Winning Top Choice in Vancouver Janitorial

We have won the Top Choice Award for Top Referred Janitorial Services of Vancouver and Lower Mainland for the 8th year running!  

Above everything else, it’s our business to make your business look better.

Are you looking for the right janitorial and building maintenance company to serve all your cleaning needs? Well, your search is over. Master Care offers comprehensive janitorial services for all your cleaning needs in the Metro Vancouver area and Vancouver Island, BC.

We can improve the cleanliness of your facility, resulting in increased employee morale in addition to time and cost savings.

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